Silicone Edge Graphics

The Better Change

Visual Marketing Made More Efficient

Very Simple Assembly and Removal – Minimized Transport and Handling Costs – Various Display Possibilities

Extremely High Design and Quality – Reflectionless Image – Sturdy and Practical Material – Extremely Versatile Uses & Format

"Simply brilliant – with brilliantly simple assembly and removal"

The perfectly fitted sides are simply snapped together and tightened to form a stable frame. Then, the high resolution printed material complete with silicone edging is pressed into the groove of the frame. Even large formats can be managed easily by one person. Images can also be simply and quickly exchanged.

Transport costs are reduced as a result of low weight and easy handling. Behind every successful business is a clearly defined business idea. Whether it’s the one-dollar menu, the disposable fashion item, or the self-assembled piece of furniture, the best ideas are always the simple ones. 

Impressive Range of Formats

From 16″ x 16″ to 32 x 10 ft 

(larger formats available upon request)

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